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Pro-Graphx Social Distancing Floor Decal Sticker - Stop 6 Feet Apart Stand Please Wait Here Sign Safety



🛑 Created in our manufacturing facility located in the USA. These floor decals were designed for grocery stores, Dr. Offices, Hospitals, and anywhere else that a line of people gathers. Can be re-applied over and over again without issue.

🛑 This floor sticker measures 20" around. They can be applied to any floor surface and can be removed and re-positioned over and over again without any issues.

🛑 Made of 200μ White Matte Monomeric PVC - Its an embossed printable white matte film that is coated on one side with a dotted-pattern and removable pressure sensitive polyacrylate adhesive.

🛑 This PVC has a post-printed anti-slip rating of R10, according to DIN 51130:2010, which allows for vibrant, slip resistant floor graphics without the need for lamination. This is VERY important in public places.

🛑 Pro-Graphx is an industry leader in graphic manufacturing so you can purchase our products with the confidence that we'll provide you with a professional product every time. If you have any issues with your order please contact the seller directly so that they can assist you with your order!