Pro-Graphx Fabric Bulletin Board Pinboards - 24" x 36, 18" x 18"

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Product Overview

Our pinboards are made from 50% REPREVE (a polyester fiber made from recycled plastic bottles) and 50% Polyester. All inks used are FSC Certified and all components to create the final pinboard is made in America. Our Push Pin Fabric Bulletin Board is used for displaying memos, shopping lists, recipes, reminders, messages, images, pictures, to-do’s, or notices. Our 36" wide x 24" high large, decorative bulletin board has vast space to showcase your items in the office and home. Our small bulletin board is an 18" x 18" square which is the ideal dimension for a memo board. Both showcase a frameless design with soft fabric. Our bulletin boards for the wall can be mounted with 3M double-sided adhesive strips (included) or the attached D-Rings for extra security. We also include 20 Push Pins. You can mount either board horizontally or vertically to fit your space. They withstand push pins, thumbtacks, map pins, or staples without leaving holes in the fabric. Pro-Graphx is an industry leader in graphic manufacturing and home décor. If you have any issues with your order, please contact us directly so that we can assist you!


(No reviews yet) Write a Review